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New Faces & New Ideas

Werner’s new Road Team is in place and ready for action. The new team was chosen in June after an intense selection process. The nominated Driver’s were narrowed down to 30 individuals and asked to travel to the Omaha headquarters for interviews. A committee of five then decided the final members on the team. They go through a demanding five-day training where each member learns the ins and outs of various departments within the Company. This prepares them to answer questions from Drivers about Werner policy and procedures.

The 10 member team is made up of: Dennis Chambers, Tim Dunmyer, Michael Ingersoll, J.W. Ray, Geoff Edwards, Tim Dean, Gary Higgins, Chuck Moran and Dale Spencer.

This team will reign for the next 18 months, and their number one goal is to improve the lives of Werner Drivers. The Road Team was created to act as ambassadors between Werner Drivers and the corporate employees who support them.

The team meets every month to discuss issues happening in the driving community. Every other month they hold the meeting at a different truck stop in order to have an open forum with Drivers. These discussions produce valuable information for the Road Team to bring back to Werner Management. Some issues are simple, like adding more hooks in the terminal showers or providing Drivers access to a vacuum. Others could make a significant change in the way the Company works.

In the past, concerns were raised about the number and location of Werner drop boxes for Driver trip envelopes. A Road Team Captain researched the information and the end result produced an agreement with TripPak. TripPak now has hundreds of locations across the United States and Canada for Werner Drivers to easily deposit trip envelopes.

New Road Team member Chuck Moran says he is excited about his new responsibility.

"I think we have a really great team, we all want to do as much as we can to make Drivers’ lives better," said Moran. "We want Drivers to know that they can come to us with any question, concern or idea."

On top of the duties as ambassadors to Drivers, the team also acts as representatives for Werner Enterprises in the community. Members of the team attend events at schools, local law enforcement and non-profit agencies to show Werner’s support for the community.

Werner’s new Road Team is excited for the future and plan to make big things happen over the next 18 months. If you have a question, concern or idea, contact any of the new Road Team members, they are ready to listen.

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